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why rocca sock?

Our goals for Rocca Sock were simple, we wanted to manufacture compression socks superior in quality, design, comfort, and performance – at an affordable price. From day one we have held ourselves to the highest standards and take pride in delivering superior quality compression socks for everyday wellness.
With Rocca Sock compression socks you get the look and comfort of an everyday sock, the moisture wicking, anti-odor properties of an athletic sock, and the many health benefits of a compression sock. They are designed for durability and comfort with the perfect amount of pressure needed for anyone on their feet or sitting down all day. Rocca Sock compression socks provide excellent benefits during and after vigorous physical activity and is ideal to be worn when traveling to decrease swelling and leg discomfort.

Bottom line: The Rocca Socks are made to be worn by all walks of life at almost any occasion.


Rocca Sock compression socks are designed using an advanced knitting technology that hugs the contours of your legs. They are constructed in a premium lightweight, form-fitting, breathable performance fabric with a true gradient compression technology of 15-25 mmHg.
Our socks are designed for everyday wear and only high-grade materials are used in the manufacturing process. The quality of the materials used set us distinctly apart in the marketplace.
Rocca Sock compression socks are manufactured with moisture-wicking, anti-odor properties so your feet can stay dry and comfortable all day long. Our socks offer superior fabric strength while retaining softness and flexibility.

When you put on a pair of Rocca Sock compression socks, you’ll feel the difference! Rocca Sock compression socks are created with the tightest compression at ankle level and gradually decreasing going up your legs. The pressure your legs are getting from the compression socks help your blood vessels work more efficient.


We are confident in the quality of our products and are proud of our extensive quality control process starting at production level. Before leaving the factory, our socks are lab tested by SWISS MST IV to ensure that the correct mmHg (millimeters per mercury) is detected in the right area of the socks. When a shipment arrives at our warehouse each pair of socks are manually tested for consistency and sizing before shipping out to our customers.

Our socks have been worn by thousands of medical professionals, athletes, workers, travelers, and patients. The meticulous construction make our compression socks great for your demanding lifestyle.
Let us help you take care of your legs. We are confident that our socks are the most comfortable and efficient socks you will ever own. But don’t take our word for it, try Rocca Sock compression socks for yourself. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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